Friday Favorites! – (11/21/14)

by Her Happy Balance on November 21, 2014

TGIF, friends! How goes it? Did you have a good week? I had a busy one getting ready for Thanksgiving. Classes are starting to wind down – I only have one more week of class and then finals, eep! 

But what would Friday be without another round of faves?! I’m linking up with Clare, Katie, and Heather to get in on the Friday fun.

Favorite #1


Cold late fall/winter nights in PA call for a warm and toasty fire in the fireplace! We had our first fire of the season this week and it was absolutely glorious. In the winter I LOVE to get bundled up and fall asleep in front of the fireplace. I just set myself up with some pillows and blankets on the rug in front of it and drift off into a cozy dream land.

Favorite #2

fuzzy socks

A staple in my wardrobe during the colder months are fuzzy socks. I know, I am so fashionable. Almost every time I wear boots, I’m hiding a pair of crazy, fuzzy socks underneath. I just can’t stand to have cold feet, so I broke these beauties out this week.

Favorite #3

gratitude quote

I love me some Instagram inspiration. One of my IG friends posted the above wisdom this week and I immediately took a screen snapshot. It is so relevant with Thanksgiving around the corner. I will admit that I definitely let stress and anxiety get the best of me sometimes. This is a wonderful reminder that the little things that may be bothering you are really small and insignificant compared to the many great blessings in your life.#preach I’ll be stepping off of my soapbox now…

And here’s one more for the road…

smile quote

Go ahead and smile, it may make someone’s day. And have a wonderful weekend while you’re at it ;) If anyone is traveling home for Thanksgiving, I wish you safe travels!

What is one thing that you love to wear no matter how fashionable or unfashionable it is? 
What is your current mantra? Gosh, I have so many…


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