Friday Favorites!

by Her Happy Balance on May 27, 2016

Happy (almost!) Memorial Day Weekend! I am SO excited for the unofficial beginning of summer. Plus this summer will be a little sweeter than usual as I’ll finally have my M.S. degree and will be preparing for the big move! I only have one more week of classes and two finals left before I graduate. This girl is ready for warm weather, beach vibes, and some summertime R&R!


1.) For those of you who follow me on Instagram you saw that I attended a Holistic & Metaphysical Expo last weekend with my close girlfriend. We’re both crystal junkies, so it was a great place to stock up on some new beauties. I ended up leaving with a druzy ring, druzy bangle, and a few small crystals including my first pillar. It was like being a kid in a candy store. I had to reign myself in so I wouldn’t buy every pretty thing I saw. The expo was also directly next to an Amish farmer’s market, so I indulged in some lunch goodies (artisan pickles, say what?!) there as well.

2.) Trader Joe’s does it again! I am obsessed with these chile spiced mango slices. The first bite is a little strange, but it grows on you quickly! I can finish an entire bag in one sitting if I don’t pace myself and ration it out. It is also a relatively inexpensive item, priced at under $2 in the store. So it is a fun and thrifty snack option.

3.) I am an old woman at heart. My inner 65-year-old woman LOVES The Beach Boys. I have been blasting their Pandora station and listening to their greatest hits album in my car. These sun-shiney days just scream for some good vibrations a la Beach Boys. I have also made plans to see them in concert this summer, so I am getting myself warmed up for the festivities!

4.) My sweet friend (hi, Liz!) was kind enough to gift me her old Fitbit Charge which she no longer needed. Needless to say, it turned me into a step-counting fanatic instantly. I love how the tracker can sync up with My Fitness Pal and incorporate all the statistics together. Plus it is motivating to wear a tracker again. I gave up on my Nike Fuelband quite some time ago, but I am really enjoying all the features of the FitBit. Guess I am hooked on tracking again!

Have a wonderful memorial day weekend, friends! Enjoy all the BBQ’s, picnics, pool parties, and beach days. I think I might have to dust off my flip flops and take a trip down the shore!




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