Friday Favorites! – (2/27/15)

by Her Happy Balance on February 27, 2015

And just like that another month is in the books! Does anyone else still catch themselves writing 2014 occasionally? Man 2015 is just cruising on by, no complaints here! I want to move on to some warmer months.

So, what’s on the agenda this weekend? I have heaps and heaps of homework to do, but aside from that, I am going to try and get myself into some shenanigans ;) You should too!

Favorite #1

chile spiced mango

So this Friday fave is an underdog that came in from behind. I actually bought these chile spiced mango slices over a year ago, tried them then, wasn’t overly impressed and relegated them to the back of the pantry. Well, I rediscovered them this week and man are they delicious! Isn’t it crazy how our tastes can change?! I decided to bring them into work and leave them in my snack drawer so I won’t be tempted to finish the whole bag in one sitting. 

Favorite #2

Salad with fruit, tuna, and edamame  

Going off of that favorite, I rediscovered another food this week - dry roasted wasabi edamame. Same story – bought them, tried them, felt pretty meh about them, put them in the pantry for a year. Well, I’ve been sprinkling them on top of salads and have decided that these edamame bites are back in my good favor. They’re great for crunch, kind of like a weird crouton, and a bit of heat. Also – can you tell I need to go grocery shopping? It’s been a week of some strange, but still delicious, eats. 

Favorite #3

Nutrition girls' night

A girls’ night out followed by a recovery brunch made for a perfect weekend. Alma de Cuba in Center City had the best ceviche and mojitos I’ve ever had – I’ll try to get out a full restaurant review somewhat soon-ish. And then the next morning I refueled from a long night of festivities with oysters on the half shell, a bloody mary, and poached eggs with bubble and squek at The Dandelion. Highly recommend both places. Dinner was swanky and romantic – just the way I like my girls’ nights ;) Brunch was relaxed, and the restaurant surroundings made it feel cozy. Basically I put all my favorite foods/activities into a weekend – raw fish/oysters, eggs, and dancing. Sounds gross, but it was a winning combo!

And as a little bonus favorite, I’ve been loving using this song as my pump-up tune during workouts. It’s short and perfect for a burst of energy.

Best workout you had this week?
Any food you used to hate and now love? I have too many of these to name…
Can you dig the sweet and spicy combo?

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