Half Marathon Training – Week 4 Recap!

by Her Happy Balance on July 29, 2014

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope your Monday flew by. We are one day closer to the weekend! Is Tuesday too early to start counting down to the weekend? Perhaps, but I’m gonna do it anyway! Today I’m checking in with a recap of my fourth week of training for my first half marathon. Only 8 more weeks to go until race day!

Half Marathon Training Week 4

PM – 2.5 mile run outside and biceps/triceps at the gym

AM -25 minutes elliptical, yoga/core/stretching

REST DAY! #hallelujah

AM – 5 miles on the treadmill, negative splits :)
PM – 10 mins. elliptical, chest

AM – 30 mins. elliptical, shoulders
PM – 20 mins. arc trainer, biceps/triceps

AM – 7.55 mile run outside in the misty morning rain. It was my longest run to date, and it was actually, surprisingly glorious
PM -Dancing in the city, this totally counts as a workout ;)

PM – Some core work, foam rolling, and frisbee (<– again, totally counts)

running shoes

I’m marking this week of training as a win. I took a legitimate rest day and I actually survived my long run. I forced myself to run slow and I never cramped up, got winded, or needed to stop. It felt great. A nice light rain kept the whole thing cool and collected. That being said, a long run really takes a lot out of you! After I was done, I was slightly zombie-like until I had some serious calories. Note to self – eat ALL the food.

Favorite weather to run in? I can’t wait for the fall!
What is the worst weather you’ve ever run in? How did you handle it?


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