Two Words: Chocolate & Sugar.

by Her Happy Balance on April 17, 2014

I have been eating Food Should Taste Good chips for years now. They’re a company known for using real ingredients to make really delicious food. Their chips are GMO-free, gluten free, cholesterol free, certified Kosher, many varieties are vegan and they have zero grams of trans fats. But all of that would mean absolutely nothing if the chips were gross and tasted like card board. Luckily they don’t :) In fact, one of my favorite chips of all time is the FSTG Kimchi flavor. So of course I was stoked when the kind people sent me a few bags of chips to try.

You've been chipped

You guys…let’s all just take a moment to sit back and appreciate the fact that these exist:

FSTG kettle and chocolate chips

I had NO IDEA that dessert chips existed! I mean I have made my own chocolate covered potato chips in the past, but this is a way more healthy version! I happened to open the bag in front of my mom’s best friend, who also happens to be a chocolate connoisseur, and let her taste the chocolate tortilla chips. First thing out of her mouth was “OMG where did you get these?!” So I think that means they pass the chocolate test…

FSTG chips

I actually preferred the kettle corn flavor. What’s making them sweet? Real sugar. None of the fake sweetener stuff. I’ll admit, I go to the artificial sweeteners sometimes because they’re usually less calories, but there is just something about real sugar that tastes amazing. In fact, I wish there was a tiny bit more on these chips. I’ll definitely be buying another bag of these.

Blue FSTG Tortilla chips

I was also sent blue corn and cantina chips. They were great for dipping into salsa and queso and made a nice crunch on top of a taco salad. They were pretty much your standard tortilla chips, but the blue ones were made with flax and sesame seeds. They tasted great as a cracker with goat cheese on top :) It’s nice to know that they don’t contain any of the hydrogenated oils and processed junk that most of your average tortilla chips do though.

Food Should Taste Good

Overall, I love that the food market is starting to go in the direction of creating both healthy AND convenient food. FSTG is definitely a brand whose product I like and feel good about eating in moderation. Key word: moderation. I pretty much demolished that kettle bag in one sitting, but that’s neither here nor there ;)

Do you have a favorite FSTG flavor?
Kimchi is SOOO good.
What’s the most creative way you’ve used tortilla chips in the past?

FTC: I was gifted some FSTG chips for review purposes. No other compensation was provided and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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