April Update – BIG News!

by Her Happy Balance on April 6, 2016

Happy hump day, all! So things have been busy in the HHB neck of the woods.  Actually, life has been crazy. If you caught my February update then you know I was expecting the craziness to settle down a little bit having finished up my dietetic internship applications. Boy was I wrong! I spent the rest of February swamped with school work and I spent March preparing for and interviewing at different internships. All of the hard work these last few months has been in anticipation of April 3rd – Dietetic Internship Match Day 2016.

DI Match Day

You guys, I MATCHED. And not only did I match, but I actually matched with my top choice! Considering less than 50% of applicants actually match, I am stoked! STOKED. And because of this, after I graduate with my master’s degree in June, I’ll be leaving my hometown of Philadelphia and moving! The official start date of my internship is September 12th, but I’ll be moving in August to familiarize myself with the new digs.

Dietetic internships typically emphasize one area of nutrition more than others. The three different areas are community nutrition, food services, and clinical nutrition. I chose to apply to all clinically focused internships, so the majority of my interning hours will be spent in different hospital settings. It should be really interesting! The dietetic internship is part 2 of 3 towards obtaining my RD credentials. It finally feels like the end goal is in sight.

Step 1 – Didactic Program in Nutrition and Dietetics (AKA grad school now)
Step 2 – Dietetic Internship
Step 3 – RD Exam

Honestly, my mind is a little bit blown right now. I’m still in the celebratory drink-lots-of-Bloody-Mary’s-and-dance-around-the-house phase, but soon I’ll be checking out apartments, packing up, and relocating away from all my family and friends. It is a little bit scary to think that my support network will not be moving with me, but I am excited to start my clinical rotations and meet my fellow interns. I’ll just have to make new friends 🙂 And I have a feeling that having nights to myself will mean more blogging and checking in with my blends more frequently.


So that’s the big news – I matched with a dietetic internship and I am moving! I am one super happy/nervous/excited girl. Here’s to one more quarter of classes and then life changes!

What are your best tips for moving?
Any other DPD student readers out there who matched? Where are you headed?!

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Kristen April 6, 2016 at 10:24 pm

Congrats! Moving is so scary/stressful, but it is for such an awesome reason! Where are you moving?

Her Happy Balance April 7, 2016 at 9:01 am

Hi, Kristen – Thank you SO much! I’m moving to Connecticut 🙂 It’s only a few hours away from Philly so it won’t be too bad, but I’m still excited and a little anxious about it.

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