Are You a Bulugan? December Bulu Box Review

by Her Happy Balance on December 26, 2012

I’ve recently subscribed to Bulu box and so far I am a fan! Bulu Box is a monthly subscription service where each month you receive a box of 4-5 workout/nutritional supplement samples (and sometimes you get retail-sized products!). It’s a great way to try out a new brand or product before going out and splurging on the full-sized product (with the full-sized price tag!). It’s also very affordable costing just $10. So here’s what my December box looked like:

Excuse the messy picture :) Now that I'm blogging I promise my photo skills will get better...

Excuse the messy picture 🙂 Now that I’m blogging I promise my photo skills will get better…

Your goodies come wrapped in bright orange tissue paper with a guide explaining about each of your samples. Let’s break the box down a little, I got 5 different samples in this months box. They included a mouth spray called CSpray. It actually was a full size product (2 oz.) that normally retails for $19.99, which already more than paid for the box! This spray is loaded with Vitamin C, B-12, zinc, and echinacea. It’s also sugar and gluten free. So far I haven’t given this sample a try, I’m sure it would be great for when you have a cold. However, the boyfriend decided to try it, he was feeling a little under the weather, and the faces he made at the taste were truly comical. I wish I had had a camera on hand! So, not too sure about the taste…


I also got a sample of Vibrant Cleanse, which is pretty self explanatory. It’s an organic cleanse that is supposed to taste like lemonade. It also comes in gluten free for my gluten-less friends out there. I haven’t tried it yet but I will give this a go

.Vibrant Cleanse

I also got a packet of Warrior Blend Raw Protein in vanilla. This protein powder also comes in chocolate and natural flavors and a 2.2lb bag retails for $26.95. My guess is that you would have to mix the natural flavored protein into a smoothie or yogurt. I actually already used this sample up and you can check out my thoughts on it here 🙂

Warrior Protein

Bulu included 3 serving packets of SafSlim in Berry Cream flavor. This product’s main ingredient is high-linoleic safflower oil, which is supposed to help you reduce belly fat. You can either take it by the spoonful or you can mix it into a shake. I’m very skeptical of fat/weight-loss products and overall believe that eating a balanced diet is the way to go…so I don’t think I’d actually purchase this product with my own money, but I did give it a try. Unfortunately, after one spoonful my tummy chub didn’t magically disappear.


The final product I recieved was organic papaya leaf extract capsules and tea. Papaya leaf extract is supposed to contain 20x more antioxidants than vitamin E.  The papaya leaf tea I received was mint flavored. I’m all for more antioxidants, I can always use an immunity boost!

Papaya Leaf

I like Bulu Box because I love getting snail mail, who doesn’t love a bright and shiney package waiting for them?! Plus it’s full of lots of healthy stuff to try, its a win-win!

*All thoughts and opinions are my own, I was not compensated for the product*


Have you/would you ever try Bulu Box?

Do you subscribe to any monthly services?

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Cookie Dough Katzen December 26, 2012 at 12:12 pm

What a cool idea! How did you find out about this Bulu Box? I’d definitely give it a try!

Her Happy Balance December 27, 2012 at 9:44 am

I found out through lots of nerdy fitness freak web searches and then another friend of mine subscribed…Bulu had a special holiday pricing recently so I couldn’t resist!

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