Friday Favorites!

by Her Happy Balance on September 2, 2016

Can y’all believe it is September?! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty over the hot and humid weather of summer – bring on the crunchy leaves and crisp air of fall! And since this weekend is Labor Day weekend, we are now unofficially wrapping up summer 2016 and welcoming a new season. This is also my last weekend at home with family and friends before shipping up north, so I am excited to spend time with my people.

It has been a hot minute since I have shared an edition of Friday favorites so I am revisiting that today.

Friday Faves

1.) Maybe it is all the impending autumn holidays or my big move or the new season – most likely all of the above – but I have turned into a Pinterest fiend! I have been pinning tons of fashion inspiration and decor for fall. I am also determined to decorate my apartment and make it feel homey without cluttering it up. I have all my furniture and most of my belongings in the new digs. I am going to to take the last load of clothing and shoes up with me next week. Once I have everything all arranged I’ll share a little tour of my studio. Hopefully I can put all this Pinterest-inspo to good use!

2.) I will be spending the majority of my dietetic internship working in a hospital. Because of this, my work dress code will be a little different than what I am used to – I was specifically told to invest in quiet shoes. Understandably, the hospital wants their patients to feel comfortable and they do not want the sound of shoes clicking in the hallways to disturb them. Most of my work shoes consist of heels and boots, so I have been trying to scout out some fashionable and comfortable flats. I fell in love with a pair of Cole Haan’s, but was not a big fan of the $100 price tag. So I purchased these from the clearance rack of DSW for $25 instead. Hunt around fashionistas, the deals are out there. I plan on stalking those red velvet flats (above right) from Banana Republic until they go in sale. 

3.) I have been spending lots of time in the Center City area of Philly trying to hit up my favorite restaurants and some that have been on my “Must-Visit” list before I move. I know my internship is only a year, but I have always been a Philly girl so I am going to miss my go-to spots. I stopped in Charlie Was a Sinner, Sampan, and SOUTH jazz parlor last week for happy hour and dinner. I have Village Whiskey on my list for this upcoming week. Philly peeps – are there any other places I should try to stop in to before leaving?

4.) We are still going strong on the bodybuilding lifestyle train over here. I love lifting, but the heavy protein meals can become boring. I have been trying to come up with some more creative ways to support lean body mass without having to eat more grilled or baked chicken. I started making spicy tuna cakes and they have been a hit! They are so easy to make, require minimal ingredients, and all of the components are inexpensive. I have been keeping in mind that I will be working an unpaid internship over the next year and will need to be a little more lean with my spending. Canned tuna and chicken are some great protein options. One 6 oz can of tuna yields 3 cakes, so this will definitely be in the meal prep rotation. If y’all have any interest, I’d be happy to share the recipe. I know they look kind of ugly, but the flavor is there.

That’s all folks! Have an awesome Labor Day weekend. I hope you soak up the last moments of summer and get stoked for autumn!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share your fun weekend plans in the comments!

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