Marathon Training – Week 2 Recap

by Her Happy Balance on July 22, 2015

Happy Wednesday, folks! Today I’m kicking it off with my recap of the 2nd week of training for my first full marathon. I’m running Philly in November and I’m hoping that staying true to a training plan will help me to survive 26.2. 

Marathon Training - Week 2

PM – 3 mi treadmill run after work

Tuesday: {My birthday!!}
AM – 15 min arc trainer and biceps/triceps
PM – Biceps/triceps…again. Sometimes I like to work the same body group 12 hours apart to really maximize the workout…the muscles aren’t sore yet.

PM – Another 3 mi on the treadmill after work. Treadmill = blah.

AM – 5 miles on a gorgeous day! It actually was unseasonably cool…it felt like the transition from summer to fall. No complaints!

AM – 15 min elliptical and shoulders

AM – 9+ miles. Woof.

Rest, glorious rest.

My body is definitely starting to feel the additional run day and the long run miles. Tired panda. I’ve been using the stick and my foam roller a lot. I’m hoping my body gets in gear and starts to accept the additional running. Otherwise, I’m still trucking along with the training.

What is your average weekly mileage when you’re not training for a race? 
How/why did you choose your first race?

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Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie July 22, 2015 at 11:55 am

Happy belated birthday!!!

I chose my first marathon because running through Disneyworld sounded like a dream to me. I mean, I pretty much log a half marathon every time I go visit a theme park, so what’s another 13 miles?

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