Marathon Training – Week 3 Recap!

by Her Happy Balance on July 28, 2015

Well here I am, 3 weeks into 20 weeks of training. My favorite part about week 3 was that it required the least amount of  mileage of all 20 weeks. Guess the mileage really only does go up from here on out! #SendHelp

Marathon Training - Week 3

PM – The usual 3 miles on zee treadmill after work. Can’t wait for some cooler temps to start doing these short afternoon runs outside.

PM – Chest and 10 min elliptical

PM – 3 mi treadmill run

AM – A glorious 5 mi run outside in 60 degree weather. It was nice to be able to actually enjoy an outdoor run and not feel like I was completely dying from heat stroke.

AM – 6 mi run outside…this run was the complete opposite of Thursday’s. It was hot and I was slow, whomp.

PM – 10 min elliptical and biceps/triceps

REST. It was my dad’s birthday dinner celebration day….cake, cake, cake!

I acquired some new running gear this week! My brother’s girlfriend is such a sweetheart and bought me this Camelbak backpack for my birthday. I am SO ridiculously excited to start using it for my long runs…thank you, Felicia! 🙂 Otherwise, I am just thankful for every mile and every run I get under my belt. It is still a lot to get used to running 4x each week, but so far I am surviving…two thumbs up for that. 

What do you consider a long run? I guess anything over 6 miles I consider a long run because then I need to fuel.
Where is your favorite place to run? The beach.
How do you prefer to cross-train? 

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