N-Zero Extreme Pre-Workout Shake

by Her Happy Balance on December 12, 2012

While I totally believe that working out with just some good ol’ fashioned willpower is great, there is definitely something to be said about using pre-workout supplements. Mind you, it is definitely necessary for you to research what you are going to take before (keyword BEFORE) you take it. One product I’ve had great success with is N-Zero Extreme, a pre-workout shake.

Fruit Punch Magic

It was the first supplement I ever tried, and over the years it has still remained in my line up. Here’s the lowdown on the product:


  • Creatine-free
  • Sugar-free, only 1g of carbs and 5 calories
  • Contains beta-alanine (lactic acid buffer), L-arginine (vasodilator), and caffeine for increased energy and a better muscle pump
  • Available in 2 flavors (orange and fruit punch) both of which taste pretty good
  • Dissolves well in water, no clumpy or chalky residue


  • Retails at approximately $60 for 30 servings, a little on the pricey end
  • You have to take it on an empty stomach
  • Must take 30 minutes before working out so it can completely sink in and start working its voodoo muscle magic

The product comes in individually wrapped portion pouches with an easy tear at the top. You pour out the powder, add about 8 ounces of water ,and mix! Super simple. I find that it mixes best with a blender ball container, but I’m sure stirring with a spoon would also be just fine. About 10 minutes after I take this, I get a slight pins-and-needles feeling in my fingers, face, and ears. This is a result of the beta alanine. I actually really like this feeling, and it goes away as soon as you start working out. So if nothing else, taking this supplement is a motivator in that you need to exercise to get rid of the tingly feeling. Some of you may be thinking that sounds a little strange (it takes some getting used to), but beta alanine really does have some great benefits.When your muscles are working really hard and can’t produce oxygen as fast as you can use it, lactic acid starts to build up. This build-up will start to make you feel a burning sensation in your muscles and frequently can be the cause of the end of a workout. Well, beta alanine helps neutralize or buffer this acid so you won’t feel fatigued quite as fast.  That’s definitely something I look for in a workout supplement. N-Zero Extreme also containsL-arginine which helps to increase your NO (nitric oxide) levels. NO helps with vasodilation, which means more blood has the ability to get to your muscles. Overall, drinking this shake makes me feel more energized and that can definitely be the difference between “Oh Jeopardy is on, guess I’ll walk on the treadmill…I can’t miss my Alex”and “Yeah! Hulkamaniaaaa! Watcha gonna do brother(ArcTrainer)?!”

Just as a side note, I’ve tried a lot of workout supplements and sometimes they can give me headaches or stomach problems. Fortunately, this product doesn’t cause me any problems, but I really suggest you try it first before buying a full container to see how your body reacts with it, everyone is different.

*I am not a dietician or doctor*


Have you ever tried any pre-workout supplements?

Whats your favorite exercise at the gym?

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jsresults January 2, 2013 at 8:43 pm

Hey! Awesome Blog! I Love Cellucor’s C4. I’m very interested to try N-Zero. Great Review!

Her Happy Balance January 3, 2013 at 9:24 am

Thank you! Yeah, N-zero is one of my faves. Let me know if you try it out and like it. I’ll have to look into C4.

jsresults January 3, 2013 at 10:21 am

C4 is awesome. The beta alanine in it gets you tingling all over and you just take flight LOL!

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