Pennsylvania Bacon Festival

by Her Happy Balance on October 9, 2014

Last Saturday I had tickets to attend Pennsylvania Bacon Festival. I know it’s not the healthiest festival in the world, but c’mon – it’s bacon! 😉 It was originally scheduled for May 10th, but was rescheduled for a different date at a bigger location due to the amount of people that purchased tickets. It was held from 1pm-8pm at Xfinity Live in Philadelphia. I arrived at the fest at around 1:30pm and it was already packed! Apparently you had the option to buy VIP tickets which allowed you to get in early before the general public…I think a lot of people chose this option. 

When we were admitted, we were handed 5 tickets – 4 tickets to sample bacon, and 1 drink ticket. We later found out that the drink ticket was only good at the Maryland Bacon Festival and we couldn’t use it…whomp, whomp. 

Bacon tickets

Once we were inside we saw mobs of people lined up to receive samples. It was difficult to see which line went to which tent so we just got into the nearest one and started to wait. We ended up waiting about an hour and a half in line before we could get up to the tent to receive our samples. It was hard to be patient with the lines moving so slowly, but we kept occupied by making friends in line and scoping out the different sample options. 

Bacon Fest lines

We ended up in a line that went to the Bacon Chili Dog and Double Smoked Bacon Tent. But once we got to the front, we found out that we could order samples from any of the tents and the attendants would go and grab them for us. This probably contributed to why the lines moved so slowly. But it was nice that once we finally got to the front, we could get all of our samples at one time and didn’t have to wait in numerous lines. 

Bacon Fest sign

I ended up choosing these four samples: bacon chili dog, bacon cheddar dog, double smoked bacon, and candied bacon. Some of the other samples that were available were bacon funnel cake, pork shoulder, Carolina BBQ bacon, and some sort of bacon and PB with pickle sandwich slider. 

Bacon Fest Samples

After the long wait, my group was pretty hungry! We were worried that the sample sizes would be itty bitty and that we would need to grab lunch somewhere after. Luckily, the samples sizes were actually really decent. For each of the bacon samples you received two strips of bacon. And for each of the hotdog samples you received a half of a hot dog. The candied bacon was my favorite. It was cooked with brown sugar and then sprinkled with hot chili flakes – yum.

Overall, the festival samples were really good and filling once we actually received them, but the long wait, confusing line setup, and huge crowd kind of deterred from the experienced. That being said, the people who attended this festival were realllllly into bacon and I saw lots of bacon costumes and funny T-shirts. And the people we met waiting in lines were really nice. We also didn’t have to pay for parking and most city events usually charge upwards of $10 for a parking spot. I’m still torn on whether or not it was worth the $20 ticket price, though.

One thing is for certain – people definitely LOVE their bacon.

Have you ever attended one of the state bacon festivals? What did you think?
What’s your favorite way to eat bacon?

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Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie October 9, 2014 at 7:25 am

I feel like I need to start this festival in my town. Bacon funnel cake, come one! I need that in my life obviously. I’ve tried to deny the goodness of bacon for too long. Now, I am just open bout it. Bacon on everything!

Nicole @ simply Nicole October 9, 2014 at 8:35 am

Bryan felt the same way. He said that is was cool to go, but it’s definitely a one and done type of thing. He wouldn’t go back. But glad you guys had fun!!

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